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Zoned Properties in COLORADO


5,840,000 (2022)

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$14.8 billion (2022)

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We’ve Done The Hard Part! Now, You Just Have To Pick A Spot!

Investing in Cannabis real estate is daunting. You think you only have state laws and licensing requirements to deal with, and then local laws show up. It’s challenging to get it all right on your own, and the consequences of getting anything wrong could be as grievous as a loss of your property or even your business.

Aside from zoning and land use restrictions, you also have to worry about the availability of suitable properties, compliance with local regulations, market considerations, access to resources, and many more.

We want to take that burden off your shoulders to help you focus on the core parts of your business. 

At Zoned Properties, we have made it easy for you to find compliant locations to establish your Cannabis dispensary, cultivation facility, testing and research facilities, or Cannabis real estate. We’ve done the hard part. We have combed Colorado and have found business-friendly green zones to establish your business.

Send us a message today to find compliant locations in Colorado for your Cannabis business.

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Site Identification

Our team of professionals will help you pinpoint business-friendly compliant zones across the state, ensuring a smooth business establishment free from legal impediments

cannabis real estate brokerage


Our dedicated team of real estate brokers assists clients with leasing, renting, purchasing, or selling cannabis properties in Colorado, ensuring access to exceptional deals tailored to your needs.

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By offering site identification and brokerage services, we have garnered an extensive portfolio of Cannabis real estate that you can invest in for impressive returns.

Ready To Invest In Cannabis Real Estate In CO?

Colorado legalized the use of Cannabis for medical in late 2000 for approved patients with written medical consent. This was after 54 percent of Colorado voters approved the Colorado Medical Marijuana Amendment (Amendment 20). 

Twelve years after that, in December 2012, Colorado voters passed Colorado Amendment 64 to allow for the legalization of recreational Marijuana for adults aged 21 and above. This move led to state-licensed retail sales and Cannabis tourism.

Since 2014, retail Cannabis sales have steadily and consistently grown. In 2014, retail Cannabis sales hit 303 million dollars ($303M). This figure would rise to 2.19 billion dollars ($2.19B) in 2020 and fall to 1.8 billion dollars ($1.8B) in 2021. As of 2022, the recorded retail Cannabis sales also declined to 1.5 billion dollars ($1.5); however, things are looking up in 2023.

COLORADO Cannabis Regulations

State Cannabis Overview: Colorado was one of the very first states in the US to legalize Marijuana, and a lot of thought went into creating laws to guide it. The Colorado Department Of Revenue (DOR) continues to update general regulations for the commercial production and distribution of Cannabis products.

Licensing: Through the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED), the Colorado DOR oversees the regulation and licensing of the cannabis industry in Colorado. The state issues different types of Cannabis licenses, including the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Cultivation
  • Retail
  • Distribution

Local Authority: Beyond state laws and regulations, local jurisdictions also govern Cannabis businesses in Colorado. Local authorities in Colorado may set additional rules like hours of operation, zoning restrictions, distancing, and licensing requirements.

There are so many moving parts to owning or renting Cannabis real estate in Colorado. We’ve spent years in the business doing the hard part to make it easy for you to find quality Cannabis real estate. Send us a message to look through our portfolio.

Median Age: 36

Median Income: $66,000

Cannabis Uses: Cannabis Event Organizing, Distribution, Manufacturing, Cannabis Microbusinesses (manufacturing, cultivating, retail, and distribution), Cultivating, and Research and Testing Laboratories.

Regulations last updated as of: August 2023

Have any Questions?

How much does it cost to get a cannabis license in Colorado?

There are different licenses for different kinds of Cannabis businesses, each with a different license fee. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of acquiring a license in Colorado, effective as of January 2022:

  • Retail (first-time application): $5,000 for a non-refundable application fee and $2,440 for the license
  • Retain (renewal): $300 for a non-refundable application fee and $1,830 for the license renewal
  • Class 1 medical Marijuana cultivation facility: $1,000 for a non-refundable application fee and $1,830 for the license.
  • Tier 1 retail marijuana cultivation facility: $5,000 for a non-refundable application fee and $1,830 for the license.
How long do you have to live in Colorado to open a dispensary?

According to Colorado Cannabis, all applicants must have a minimum of two years of residency in Colorado and pass the credit and criminal background checks to qualify for a license.

How much does it cost to own a dispensary in Colorado?

Multiple factors may influence the cost of a dispensary in Colorado, and some of them include the following:

  • Zoning and regulations
  • Location
  • Market conditions
  • Competition
  • Lease or purchase
  • Inventory and product selection
  • Property size and condition

There are more factors to consider that may influence how much you spend to own a dispensary. However, considering the listed factors, you can own one with as low as $150,000 or as high as $2,000,000. 

The easiest way to find out is to reach out to us and let us show you several options to choose from and the cost of each one.

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