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Zoned Properties in Florida



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April Rodriguez

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Licensing Status:

Currently in the process of awarding 22 new fully vertical licenses as of April 2023

Cannabis Sales:

Estimated at $1.5 Billion in 2022

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Limited License

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Florida is the largest medical market in the country with over 500 retail locations as of Spring 2023. Currently there are 22 license holders, and an additional license round to issue 22 additional licenses is set to be awarded sometime in 2023 or early 2024. Each license is fully vertical and does not allow for wholesale business. Each license also has the ability to open as many retail locations as they want.

We are currently actively assisting operators with their site selection needs for all license types as well as disposition of assets through our licensed brokerage.

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Site Identification

Identifying quality real estate for cannabis can be hard. Really hard! Sifting through municipal zoning code, endless tabs of local GIS software, measuring distances from sensitive uses, all to have a landlord’s financing deny the use. The list goes on. At Zoned Properties, we couple our years of experience and proven processes with a proprietary tech stack that saves our clients time and money.

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Navigating a cannabis real estate negotiation is full of potential roadblocks. Our specialized team of real estate brokers are proven experts in identifying and securing acquisitions, leasing, and positioning properties for potential cannabis use. Having an experienced broker by your side is invaluable to ensuring a deal gets done the right way.

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At Zoned Properties, through our other services, we have access to consistent real estate acquisition deal flow. Currently, we have a portfolio of cannabis real estate in Arizona, one of the most highly coveted cannabis markets in the country. We plan to continue to selectively invest in these opportunities in new and emerging markets.

Have any Questions?

Is Florida adult-use cannabis allowed?
Adult-use recreational cannabis is not legal in Florida. However, Florida does have a medical marijuana program in place. The state passed a constitutional amendment in 2016, known as Amendment 2, which allows for the use of medical marijuana for qualified patients with debilitating medical conditions. The Florida Department of Health regulates the medical marijuana program in the state. 
How many licenses to operate are there currently in Florida?
There are currently 22 licenses in Florida, each is fully vertical and allow for cultivation and retail locations. 
Is there a cap on the number of retail locations allowed in Florida?
No, each license in Florida allows for unlimited number of retail locations to be opened underneath each license.
Where can I open a dispensary or a cultivation site in Florida?
The local jurisdiction (city or county for example), will determine via zoning ordinance which zones they will allow a cannabis retail or cultivation facility. They will also determine in some cases how far away these facilities need to stay away from certain sensitive uses such as churches or schools.

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