Zoned Properties is a leading Cannabis Real Estate firm with extensive expertise in the cannabis real estate market. With our deep understanding of the industry and market dynamics, we offer comprehensive investment services to help clients capitalize on the lucrative opportunities within the cannabis sector.

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Real Estate Acquisition Deal Flow

With Zoned Properties, investors gain access to a consistent flow of real estate acquisition opportunities. Leveraging our vast network and industry connections, we identify and present viable properties that align with your investment goals. Our proven track record in identifying profitable opportunities ensures that you have access to high-quality investments within the cannabis real estate market.

Portfolio in Arizona

Zoned Properties currently maintains a portfolio of cannabis real estate properties in Arizona, one of the most highly coveted cannabis markets in the country. We have successfully invested in properties strategically located within this thriving market, allowing investors to benefit from the robust growth and potential of the Arizona cannabis industry. Our portfolio showcases the success and profitability of our investment approach.

Selective Investments in New and Emerging Markets

We specialize in identifying new and emerging cannabis markets with significant growth potential. Our investment team thoroughly evaluates market conditions, regulatory frameworks, and growth prospects to make informed investment decisions. With our strategic approach, we selectively invest in emerging markets, enabling our clients to capitalize on early-stage opportunities and secure a competitive advantage.

Benefits of Investing with Zoned Properties

  • Industry Expertise and Insights: Our team possesses deep expertise in the cannabis industry, providing valuable insights into market trends, regulations, and investment potential. We empower investors to make informed decisions, maximizing returns on cannabis real estate investments.
  • Diversification and Risk Management: Investing in cannabis real estate offers unique portfolio diversification benefits. We work closely with investors to explore the advantages of diversifying with cannabis real estate assets. Our diversified investment strategy mitigates risks and optimizes long-term returns.
  • Professional Management and Support: Investing with Zoned Properties ensures professional management and ongoing support. We oversee the investment process, proactively manage investments, and provide transparent reporting on performance. Our experienced team keeps you informed and confident in your investment journey.


Cannabis Real Estate Investment Services

At Zoned Properties, through our other services, we have access to consistent real estate acquisition deal flow. Currently, we have a portfolio of cannabis real estate in Arizona, one of the most highly coveted cannabis markets in the country. We plan to continue to selectively invest in these opportunities in new and emerging markets.

Have any Questions?

Why do I need a specialized cannabis real estate brokerage service?

The cannabis industry operates within highly regulated environments with unique zoning and compliance requirements. A specialized cannabis real estate brokerage service, like Zoned Properties, understands these complexities and can help you navigate the legal and regulatory landscape, ensuring that your real estate transactions align with the specific needs of the cannabis industry.

What factors should I consider when selecting a property for my cannabis business?

When selecting a property for your cannabis business, it’s crucial to consider zoning regulations, proximity to your target market, compliance with local laws, access to necessary utilities, security measures, and potential for future expansion. A cannabis real estate brokerage service can assist you in identifying properties that meet these criteria and align with your business goals.

Can a cannabis real estate brokerage service help with negotiating lease or purchase agreements?

Absolutely. A cannabis real estate brokerage service can assist with negotiating lease or purchase agreements for cannabis-related properties. They have expertise in structuring favorable agreements, including compliance-related clauses, to protect your interests. Their understanding of the industry and local market dynamics ensures that you secure the most advantageous terms for your real estate transactions.

How can a cannabis real estate brokerage service help me optimize my real estate portfolio?

A specialized cannabis real estate brokerage service can help you optimize your real estate portfolio by analyzing your existing holdings, identifying opportunities for expansion or consolidation, and providing recommendations for improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Their market knowledge and industry insights can help you make strategic decisions to maximize the value and performance of your real estate assets.

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The team at Zoned Properties is professional and tenacious with their ability to navigate the cannabis real estate industry. With all of their resources and strategic partnerships, we have successfully closed on 30 acres with a 35,000 square foot structure to a large MSO, and two more properties pending in escrow, going through entitlement and licensing through state and local regulatory bodies. I want a team that has transactional history and knows how to get it done, not just talk about it. You will want them in your corner for all your projects.


Bryan and the entire Zoned Properties team are first class at what they do. From sourcing and developing qualifying properties, to working through deals to find common ground, they navigate the complex world of cannabis real estate with poise, confidence and integrity. I would recommend Zoned Properties to anyone with my full endorsement.

Michael O'Brien
Sonoran Roots

I have had the  privilege to work with Bryan McLaren and the Zoned Properties team for several years. They were able to secure the licensing and approvals for a cultivation operation and find a long term tenant to occupy my property. I would highly recommend them for any cannabis related project.

John Elliot
Real Estate Investor

The attention to detail, efficiency, and overall knowledge the Zoned Properties team brings to any project they are involved in is unmatched and has been a game changer for our business.

Delano Phillips
General Counsel & Head of Business Development
Hana Dispensaries