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Zoned Properties in Michigan


10.03 million (2022)

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Number of Retail Licenses:

656 adult use (as of 3/31/23)

Licensing Status:

Awarding licenses since 2018

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Cannabis Sales:

$2.3 billion (2022)

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Own A Profitable Green Zone In Michigan: Let’s Be Your Guide!

Whether you’re looking to invest in Cannabis real estate or want a property to establish your business, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding properties compliant with zoning requirements and other regulations. Failure to get this completely right can result in severe consequences, such as losing your property or even your license. 

With Zoned Properties by your side, you no longer have to worry about making any mistakes. You can rest assured that any property we help you find is 100% compliant, business-friendly, accessible, and trouble-free.

We have spent years navigating this industry and building working relationships with stakeholders around the country. We take the burden off your shoulders and speed up the process of finding quality real estate. 

Send us a message, and we will help you locate compliant zones for your Cannabis business in Michigan.

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Our primary goal is to guide you seamlessly through this complex landscape, ensuring you find the ideal location that complies with all requirements.

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With our dedicated team of real estate experts, we offer comprehensive assistance in selling, leasing, renting, or buying property. We focus on providing you with a seamless and straightforward process, ensuring your investment returns are maximized.

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With us by your side, you can invest in real estate with absolute confidence. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the ever-evolving Cannabis real estate industry, we will guide your decision-making process.

Ready To Invest In Cannabis Real Estate In MI?

There’s no better time to invest in the Cannabis real estate market in Michigan than right now, and there’s no better partner to help you navigate the industry than Zoned Properties.

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Michigan Cannabis Regulations

State Cannabis Overview: The Cannabis industry in Michigan has experienced significant growth and development since the state legalized the recreational use of marijuana in November 2018. Michigan became the tenth state in the United States to legalize recreational cannabis, joining a growing number of states that have embraced the industry. With a population of around 10 million people, Michigan presents a substantial market for cannabis businesses.

Licensing: Michigan uses a three-step Cannabis licensing method that starts from application to initial licensure to renewal. The application step requires you to pay a non-refundable fee of $3,000 to qualify for a license. Once the application is approved, you must pay an initial licensure fee that can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $24,000, depending on the kind of business you have.

Below is a list of Cannabis businesses in Michigan:

  • Marijuana Growers (Cass A, B, C, and excess grower)
  • Marijuana Processor
  • Marijuana Transporter
  • Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility
  • Marijuana Event Organizer
  • Designated Marijuana Consumption Establishment
  • Marijuana Educational Research Facility
  • Marijuana Retailer (Dispensary)
  • Marijuana Microbusiness

All three steps can take you up to 200 days (or 300 days in some instances). 

Local Authority: Local governments in Michigan can ban, restrict, and regulate the use or sale of Marijuana within their territories. They also have the right to issue licenses, dictate zoning restrictions, and tax Cannabis sales. You must understand the impact of local governments in your search for Cannabis real estate, as the consequences in some municipalities can be grave.

Let’s be your partner in navigating this intricate industry. We will help you locate Cannabis real estate properties that are profitable, business-friendly, and compliant with both state and local regulations. Reach out to us to find high-yielding real estate property in MI.

Median Age: 40.1

Median Income: $63,202

Regulations last updated as of: August 2023

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How much does it cost to get a Cannabis license in Michigan?

Cannabis licenses in Michigan cost differently for different businesses, and below is a breakdown of what you may have to pay for initial licensure and renewal, depending on the type of business establishment you run. Note that you must have paid the non-refundable initial registration fee of $3,000.

  1. Class A Marijuana Grower
    1. Initial Licensure: $1,200
    2. Renewal Fee: $1,200
  2. Class B Marijuana Grower
    1. Initial Licensure: $6,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $6,000
  3. Class C Marijuana Grower
    1. Initial Licensure: $24,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $24,000
  4. Excess Marijuana Grower
    1. Initial Licensure: $24,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $24,000
  5. Marijuana Microbusiness
    1. Initial Licensure: $8,300
    2. Renewal Fee: $8,300
  6. Class A Marijuana Microbusiness
    1. Initial Licensure: $18,600
    2. Renewal Fee: $18,600
  7. Marijuana Processor
    1. Initial Licensure: $24,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $24,000
  8. Marijuana Retailer
    1. Initial Licensure: $15,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $15,000
  9. Marijuana Secure Transporter
    1. Initial Licensure: $15,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $15,000
  10. Marijuana Safety Compliance Facility
    1. Initial Licensure: $15,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $15,000
  11. Marijuana Event Organizer
    1. Initial Licensure: $1,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $1,000
  12. Temporary Marijuana Event
    1. Initial Licensure: Details are available in Rule 26 of the Marijuana License Rule Set
    2. Renewal Fee: Details are available in Rule 26 of the Marijuana License Rule Set
  13. Designated Consumption Establishment
    1. Initial Licensure: $1,000
    2. Renewal Fee: $1,000
  14. Marijuana Educational Research
    1. Initial Licensure: Not applicable
    2. Renewal Fee: Not applicable
How is Marijuana taxed in Michigan

Michigan imposes a state-wide excise tax of 10% on all Cannabis retail operations in addition to the 6% sales tax. 

How many cannabis licenses are there in Michigan?

As of March 31, 2023 there were 656 adult use cannabis licenses in Michigan and the number is expected to grow as the years go by. Be among the successful cannabis business owners in Michigan today by acquiring compliant, quality real estate. Send us a message today!

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