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Zoned Properties in Nevada


3.178 million (2022)

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$634 million (fiscal year 2023)

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Buy, Sell, and Rent Compliant Properties in Nevada With Zoned Properties

If you’ve ever tried to buy, sell, or invest in Cannabis real estate, you’ll know how daunting it is. We know this because we’ve done this every day for a decade. Keeping up with state zoning regulations, sifting through municipal zoning codes and GIS software, and searching for compliant zones all at the same time.

Let’s take that burden off your shoulders by offering you the following services:

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Site Identification

We will help you identify compliant Cannabis properties using our in-depth knowledge of state and local laws. We will also help you determine if the property fosters business growth and community acceptance.

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We work with highly experienced brokers across the country to connect you to Cannabis real estate buyers, sellers, lessees, lessors, and renters. We ease up and speed up the process of buying and selling real estate.

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Through our site identification and brokerage services, we have our hands on some of the most profitable Cannabis real estate properties in Nevada. We will provide you with real estate properties with promising ROI and guide you through the investment process.

Ready To Invest In Cannabis Real Estate In NV?

Let us help you find the best available cannabis real estate properties in Nevada today. At Zoned Properties, we are a team of expert and experienced Cannabis real estate professionals helping Cannabis operators and investors locate green zones.

Whether you’re a cultivator, retailer, manufacturer, microbusiness, or transporter, we understand the dynamics of the industry and know the best type of Cannabis real estate properties you should invest in. Let’s get you connected to premium properties today.

Contact us today, and we’ll make your Cannabis real estate journey as seamless and quick as possible.

Nevada Cannabis Regulations

Licensing: Nevada has been issuing Cannabis licenses since 2017 through the state’s Department of Taxation. The department reviews applications, conducts background checks, and regulates Cannabis businesses within the state. 

The state of Nevada issues five types of Cannabis establishment licenses, including the following:

  • Cultivation facility
  • Distributor
  • Product manufacturing facility
  • Retail store
  • Testing facility

Local Authority: In Nevada, the local authority plays a significant role in the regulation and oversight of the cannabis industry. Local governments have the authority to enact their own cannabis ordinances and regulations within their jurisdictions. Municipalities have the power to determine zoning requirements, land use regulations, and other specific rules for cannabis businesses operating within their boundaries.

Looking for profitable and compliant real estate properties in NV, let Zoned Properties be your guide. Send us a message today.

Median Age: 38.2

Median Income: $65,686

Regulations last updated as of: August 2023

Have any Questions?

Who are the largest cannabis growers in Nevada?

The Cannabis market in Nevada is one that is peculiarly favorable to Cannabis growers, and below are some of the most prominent ones in no particular order.

  • Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Green Thumb Industries
  • Planet 13 Holdings
  • Tryke Companies

Note that due to market dynamics, especially in the Cannabis industry, more and more companies may begin to become more prominent in years to come, and this data only represents the current state of things as of 2023.

How big is the Nevada cannabis market?

Definitely not one of the biggest in the country, the Nevada Cannabis market is among the most promising ones. The state has made a significant 3.8 billion dollar growth since legalizing recreational cannabis in 2017. In 2021 alone, Nevada recorded an all-time high of over one billion dollars in cannabis sales, and that figure is expected to increase significantly before the year 2030.

How many cannabis stores are in Nevada?

According to data released by the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board in June 2023, there are 750 licensed Cannabis businesses in the state. However, a small percentage of these businesses are not operational. Of the 750 licensed businesses, 101 are Cannabis retailers selling either medical or recreational Marijuana or both.

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