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Zoned Properties in Oklahoma


3.987 million (2021)

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Number of Retail Licenses:

2831 (Medical Cannabis Dispensaries)

Licensing Status:

Awarding licenses since 2019

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Cannabis Sales:

$1.08 billion (Medical Cannabis Sales Since Legalization Up To 2023)

License Dynamic:

Unlimited (Currently paused)

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Let’s Connect You With Business-Friendly, Compliant Zones In Oklahoma!

Are you looking for Cannabis real estate properties in OK? Do you want to avoid endlessly sifting through local zoning codes and GIS software? Do you want a more efficient and trusted approach to finding compliant, business-friendly properties? You’re in excellent hands with us.

Finding Cannabis real estate properties is tasking. We know that even though we’re experts at it. There are so many moving parts, including the following:

  • Availability of Cannabis real estate properties in the municipalities
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Proximity to the market
  • Community acceptance
  • Security, building codes, environmental regulations, and licensing criteria
  • The resale value of the property.

Failure to consider and satisfy these requirements can result in a loss of your property, seizure of your license, and potentially bad business. All of this can be avoided when you work with our experts at Zoned Properties to find the best Cannabis properties for your business and investment.

Here’s how we help you:

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Site Identification

Our experts will help you locate and identify profitable and compliant Cannabis real estate properties, saving you time, effort, and financial strain. We bring ease and speed to your Cannabis real estate journey.

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Our real estate brokers across the state will help connect you with buyers, sellers, lessees, and lessors within and outside the state, ensuring you get the best deals from selling, buying, or leasing your real estate property.

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We understand the importance of due diligence, in-depth research, analysis of financial risks and returns, and more when looking for the best Cannabis real estate properties to invest in. Our experts apply knowledge from decades of industry experience to provide you with high-yielding Cannabis real estate properties for investment purposes.

Ready To Invest In Cannabis Real Estate In OK?

If you’re considering investing in Cannabis real estate in Oklahoma, now is the perfect time to do it, as the state plans to award more licenses to new businesses in 2026. Since legalization, Oklahoma has made over one billion dollars in medical Marijuana sales, resulting from a continually growing market.

The state has made it an open field for all Cannabis businesses to thrive and has awarded thousands of licenses to qualified businesses. 

It is expected that once the state resumes accepting license applications, there will be a renewed increase in the demand for Cannabis real estate. Ensure you have a stake in the Cannabis real estate industry before the time comes. 

Work with our experts to locate and identify the most profitable Cannabis real estate for your business or investment today!

Oklahoma Cannabis Regulations

State Cannabis Overview: Oklahoma legalized the use and sale of medical Cannabis in 2018 and has since seen an increase in the total number of registered users. The state’s estimated number of registered patients as of March 2023 was 368,023, which is expected to keep climbing. 

Oklahoma charges a 7% excise sales tax, and as of May 2023, the state had made a whopping $214.2 million in excise sales tax and $276.1 million in state and local state taxes. Note that Cannabis sales officially started in 2020.

Licensing: The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Agency (OMMA) is responsible for issuing licenses to Cannabis businesses within the state and enforcing adherence to the state’s regulations and rules on the sale of Cannabis. The state has currently halted the issuance of new licenses to Cannabis businesses until the 1st of August, 2026.

Oklahoma currently recognizes nine types of commercial Cannabis licenses, including the following:

  1. Grower License
  2. Processor License
  3. Dispensary License
  4. Transporter License
  5. Transporter Agent License
  6. Testing Laboratory License
  7. Waste Disposal Facility License
  8. Research License
  9. Education License

Local Authority: Municipalities in Oklahoma can further regulate the use and sale of medical Marijuana within their jurisdictions. They have the power to monitor the operations of Cannabis businesses and set regulations regarding zoning restrictions, manner and hours of operation, and licensing. The state has also given municipalities the option to tax Cannabis businesses.

Do you want to avoid the rigorous process of finding and vetting a piece of real estate property for compliance purposes? Send us a message today or call: 18773608839

Median Age: 36.7 years

Median Income: $28,944

Regulations last updated as of: August 2023

Have any Questions?

How many cannabis licenses are there in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma currently has 11,275 Cannabis business licenses. Below is a breakdown of the license distribution.

  1. Grower License – 6471
  2. Processor License – 1785
  3. Dispensary License – 2831
  4. Transporter License – 147
  5. Testing Laboratory License – 28
  6. Waste Disposal Facility License – 11
  7. Research License – 1
  8. Education License – 1
How big is the Cannabis Market in Oklahoma?

Considering that Cannabis sales began in 2020, the state’s Cannabis market is reasonably prosperous and large. Oklahoma has made over $500 million in total Cannabis taxes since 2020 and over $1 billion in retail sales.

Although Oklahoma only has a medical Cannabis industry, it is currently more successful than a few states operating both medical and recreational Cannabis programs.

Is there a cap on the number of retail locations allowed in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is an unlimited Cannabis territory with no cap on licenses. The state currently has over 11,000 licensed Cannabis businesses and is prepared to issue more in 2026 once the moratorium is lifted.

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