Zoned Properties’ Berekk Blackwell Talks Upcoming Missouri Lottery

Zoned Properties, WeCann and Greenspace Pro teamed up to talk about the upcoming Missouri Microbusiness lottery coming up later this year. Rewatch the webinar by clicking the link below. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 19:52 – Overview of Missouri’s District Map, Why it’s Important as it Relates to the Lottery

  • 21:30 – Is a Proposed Facility Address Required to Apply?

  • 22:15 – What Real Estate Documentation Will You Need to Apply?

  • 22:55 – Difference Between Microbusiness and Comprehensive Licenses? How to Verify if a Municipality Allows for Microbusiness (a requirement to apply)?

  • 26:35 – State Mandated Setbacks vs Locally Required Setbacks

  • 28:15 – Best Practices for Contingencies in Missouri Real Estate Agreements

  • 30:55 – Real Estate Tools for Applicants 

  • 33:00 – Is Google Maps Sufficient to Use For Setback Verification?

  • 36:00 – What is Missouri Looking for in the Blueprint or Layout?


Missouri Dispensary Property In Columbia

Zoned Properties is your cannabis friendly landlord in Missouri. We have available compliant properties for operators looking to apply in this upcoming Microbusiness license round in Missouri. Applications close August 10th. Below is an example of a property we have ready to go!

Available to Apply On with Zoned Properties

Square Footage: 4,000

Parking Spaces: 45+

District #: 4

Population 5 Mile: 129,776

Population 10 Mile:  162,626

Traffic Counts – Providence Rd:  21k

Traffic Counts – 170:  34k

Zoning:  M-C

ZVL Status: Prelim Approval Received

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